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Osmanuv Machinery Advantage

Regardless of product service, Osmanuv has good in the industry.
Branded advantages
Strong technical production and sales strength
Dedicated to coating research to provide customers with oil pre-treatment and one-stop service.
Made with professional materials and professional technology. All parts must be rigorously tested before they can be used in the manufacture of the machine; they can be shipped to customers around the world.
Technical advantages
Professional skills and experience
Provide its own technical advantages and combine the actual needs of customers to provide a reasonable complete solution.
The production management mode can be designed according to the customer's requirements, according to the actual situation of the customer's plant, site and process requirements, to provide customers with scientific project investment decision-making basis, and can provide spare parts according to user needs to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. .
Service advantage
Timely resolution of after-sales problems
The intimate after-sales team will solve the problem for you in time. If there is a quality problem, our company will solve it in time.
To build a large coating production line and provide good service.
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PROFESSIONALProvide solutions for you
Dedicated to the study of coatings
DongGuan Osman MachineryEquipment co.,Ltd.
  DongGuan Osman MachineryEquipment co.,Ltd.It is a professional production enterprise integrating design, research, development and manufacturing, as well as ultraviolet UV equipment and infrared IR equipment. The automation equipment and environmental protection equipment implement the whole plant output.   
 At present, the company has produced dozens of products. Such as the integration of exterior wall insulation and decoration, interior wall decoration panels, new building materials, plastic coating, bamboo and wood industry coating, screen printing, PCB, LCD...
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