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Osmanuv Industrial oven operation process

The company has produced dozens of products. Such as the integration of exterior wall insulation, interior wall decoration panels, new building materials, plastic coating, bamboo and wood coating, screen printing, PCB, LCD, LED, electronic components, shoe materials, glass products, glue bonding, fiber optics , vacuum plating UV, water transfer and many other fields have been widely used, and have been well received by customers. Industrial oven
1. Connect the power cord and turn on the panel power switch (note that there is also a leakage air switch in the power box), the power switch indicator light is on, and the voltmeter has an indication;
2. Turn on the air switch and the wind motor, and pay attention to the fan running direction.
3. Open the air switch and heating switch in turn.
4. Set the required temperature on the main thermostat. If the internal temperature reaches the temperature set by the thermostat, it will automatically thermostat. The temperature setting of the over temperature controller should be higher than the set value of the main temperature controller (recommended value +10 ° C). Thermostat use: Press SEX to activate the adjustment menu, PV window: display the actual temperature in the furnace, SV window: display the set temperature, press SEX to confirm; (for details of the thermostat, see the thermostat manual).
5. Timer use: unit S (seconds), M (minutes), H (hours), when the main thermostat reaches the set temperature, the timer at this time (the timing switch should be rotated to the automatic state when heating) Start automatic timing, automatically alarm when the set time is reached. At this time, the buzzer will sound and the oven will stop heating. The delay device (inside the electric box) will start counting down. After the countdown time, the circulating fan will stop running and break. Electricity.
6. After the product is baked, pull the door button and take out the product in the industrial oven (please pay attention to high temperature burns).
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