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Osmanuv Vu coating equipment

I. Process flow
1. Thickness of the plate → Fill the putty (replenisher) Dry → Roll the paint twice or three times → Dry sanding Rolling UV varnish → UV curing.
Note: If the surface of the sheet is filled once, it can be filled twice. If the color of the paint is not enough, it can be repeatedly coated.
Second, equipment layout:
If a complete roll-to-paint production line is formed, the equipment is arranged as follows:
Fixed thickness sander → Putty filling machine → Warming dryer → Three-wheel semi-precision roller coating machine → Warming dryer (drying completely) → Sanding machine → Dust collector → Two-wheel precision roller coating machine → UV three Lamp curing machine → receiving material.
3. Equipment layout instructions:
1. Some conveyors should be arranged for the actual use of the line.
2. the line layout is based on the existing water-based cement paint process characteristics, choose different paints and different product requirements will have different practices.
3. The above cable is required for mass production. If the quantity is not large, it is not necessary to arrange the whole line. You can flexibly select several key machines, such as putty filling machine, double-roller coating machine, sanding machine, etc. to improve efficiency. At the same time, reduce production costs.
4. This coating process does not waste any paint and can be recycled.
5. using the above whole line coating one square meter of paint consumption within 100g, according to different paint prices can be calculated unit cost.
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