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Osmanuv UV transfer machine application

The transfer machine has a wide range of uses. Among them, all the roll coaters for exterior wall insulation can be divided into two types, one is a UV transfer machine suitable for UV paint application. The other is a roll coater that is suitable for fluorocarbon paint application. The method of extending the life of the roll coater is as follows:
First, the roller coating machine for fluorocarbon paint should consider the problem of cleaning every shift, because the fluorocarbon paint for exterior wall insulation used in the market is basically self-drying paint, usually, The film can be dried at room temperature for 30 minutes. Based on the limitation of this condition, when the fluorocarbon paint roll coater is maintained, when the production interval is more than 30 minutes, and there is no new paint circulation supply, Immediately clean the paint on the surface of the coating roller and the paint roller. Otherwise, when the paint is cured on the surface of the coating roller, it will cause a great quality hazard to the post-coating work until the rubber roller is damaged.
Second, the UV transfer machine can be based on UV paint that is cured by UV light, which means that such paint will not cure without exposure to ultraviolet light. In this way, when the UV transfer machine is maintained, it can be purposefully maintained to increase its service life: for example, when the production interval is less than three days, the coating roller can be cleaned without rinsing The paint roller and the coating roller are separated and the surface is not covered with a large amount of paint. This saves the cost of cleaning and reduces the chance of damage to the coating roller!
Third, the main configuration application of UV transfer machine:
1. The rubber roller adopts imported material PU rubber roller with a diameter of 250MM and precision machining of the roller surface diameter.
2. The light roller adopts a large diameter roller of 130MM, the roller surface is chrome-plated, and the outer circle is precision processed by a CNC grinding machine.
3. the configuration of imported material strong tough scraper, adjusted by a small worm gear reducer, high precision.
4. the conveyor belt is 3MMPU anti-skid belt, resistant to various solvents, to prevent chemical corrosion and lead to layering phenomenon, plus anti-deviation device.
5. The operation of the light roller and the rubber roller is controlled by an independent frequency converter and a speed reducer. The distance between them is adjusted by the worm to adjust the eccentric shaft, and the dovetail mechanism is driven to complete the error value is 0.05MM.
6. The UV transfer machine is equipped with a workpiece thickness measuring device, which can adjust the roller pressure according to different thickness of the product. When the workpiece thickness is greater than the set value, the machine will automatically stop.
7. bearing seal structure to prevent paint from saturating.
8. The whole set of machines is equipped with five Taiwan Delta inverters and five reducers.
9. The lifting system adopts the dovetail slot type lifting seat, which has no shaking and lifting, and has good stability. The far-infrared detecting device is installed in the feeding port to prevent the entry of unsuitable materials.
10. The whole machine is equipped with a diaphragm pump and a 40L heating tank.
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