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Full precision single roll coater
1. This machine is suitable for all kinds of panel furniture, solid wood floor, marble, blinds, aluminum panels, plane doors, all kinds of plane crafts, etc. for primer coating. After coating with this machine, the film is full, no before and after. Stacking, paint can be recycled, no paint waste.
2. This machine is easy to disassemble and disassemble the rubber wheel. The position is controlled by the digital display controller. The adjustment is more precise and the operation is more convenient.
3. This machine is equipped with 3 sets of motors and 3 sets of frequency converters, so that the speed of each roller can be controlled freely, which can adjust the thickness of the paint film more effectively.
4. This machine is equipped with imported MDC scraper. The angle of the scraper is adjusted by the micro worm gear reducer.
5. The machine has wide adaptability, simple operation, energy-saving paint, and the creation of a new century cloud of green coating in the 21st century.
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