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Putty machine (refill machine)
1. This machine is specially designed for panel furniture, solid wood floor, wooden doors, handicrafts, new building materials (such as calcium silicate board, cement fiber board, etc.) with uneven surface and filled.
Designed, depending on the smoothness of the surface, determine the number of fillings (recommended: depending on the product process, the putty is recommended after sanding)
2. The rubber wheel of the machine is controlled by independent motor and frequency converter. The speed is accurate and the thickness of the coated putty can be adjusted freely.
3. Both sides of the machine are made of rib-reinforced steel plate, which makes the fuselage more stable and the coating quality is better.
4. The machine reverses the steel wheel to assemble the imported MDC scraper, and the angle is adjusted by the micro worm gear reducer.
5. The putty after being coated by the machine has a smooth surface and uniform coating, which greatly improves production efficiency and saves labor.
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